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Cars have never been smarter. Onboard connectivity allows us to obtain and process vehicle data in real time, leading to better transport all around.

Whether it is remotely monitoring vehicle performance and maintenance, creating innovative services like car-sharing, or managing fleets in the best way possible, IoT technology is transforming the automotive industry.

Improve the performance and flexibility of your operations

Xpand offers automotive solutions that can keep your fleet ahead of the curve. Vehicle data can now be analysed to improve design and innovate new technologies. It is also utilised for predictive maintenance and keeping software up to date.

Not only that, but our world-class connectivity management platform and automated processes allow you to connect your vehicles across the globe.

Driving change in the industry
with innovative technology

Our automotive solutions offer your business a number of advantages.

Optimize fleet management
Innovative mobility services
Passenger and driver services
Remote provisioning of SIM cards
Global M2M coverage

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