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Internet Exchange


These days, every business wants to create opportunities on the internet.

By having direct access to an internet exchange point (IXP), a physical location existing at the junction of different networks, network providers can share transit outside their own networks.

Long-term solutions from Xpand reduces your company’s path to the transit coming from other networks, reduce latency and round-trip time, and ultimately costs.

Creating a more competitive market

Xpand improves the wholesale transit market by offering you access to multiple IXPs. This benefits your business by increasing bandwidth and lowering costs.

Here are just a few reasons why

Increasing your business efficiency.

Minimise local bandwidth costs MINIMISE LOCAL BANDWIDTH COSTS
Diminish latency with easy routing DIMINISH LATENCY WITH EASY ROUTING
Optimise performance by avoiding traffic OPTIMISE PERFORMANCE BY AVOIDING TRAFFIC
Increase resilience with multiple network offering INCREASE RESILIENCE WITH MULTIPLE NETWORK OFFERINGS

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