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The Internet of things


The world’s population is growing fast, and with it the challenges faced by cities with a burgeoning number of residents and visitors.

From congested roadways to increased emissions, there is no shortage of issues plaguing the health and convenience of citizens around the world.

But with the Internet of Things, we can change all that. Our IoT solutions can transform the way automotive manufacturers, transportation organizations, transit systems, and consumers think about travel and transport.

Enhancing safety and efficiency for various kinds of transportation

Xpand offers complete IoT solutions for real-world use. These are designed to improve efficiency and accuracy for fleet management, asset tracking, and to raise the overall driving experience. Our solutions are also adept at generating new revenue streams for your business.

With our smart transportation IoT solutions, government organizations and other community partners can create safer, more efficient cities by improving community resources and transportation for everyone.

Here are just a few reasons why

Creating smarter transportation across ASEAN.

Optimum Energy Use Better fuel costs management

Repair problems before they cost fuel and downtime by monitoring key vehicle variables and using predictive maintenance alerts.

Safer Cities Improved communication

Facilitate the exchange of real-time data between partners without manual input, making it easier to forecast and coordinate.

Smart Buildings Innovative business models

Stay ahead of new and emerging trends with new service models based on real-time data and complete visibility across the supply chain.

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