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We’re putting the power of information and seamless connectivity in your hands

Xpand’s Connected Car device is an IoT-based solution

Offers drivers necessary tracking and diagnostics information

Keeps passengers connected and entertained via 3G and 4G connectivity

What is it?
Xpand's Connected Car is an easy to use plug and play device which connects to a mobile app. The result is a more efficient, much safer and more enjoyable personalized driving experience.


Flexibility and scalability Safer driving

Improve safety through tracking of driving behaviour, safety ratings using driver scores, speeding alerts and a panic button in case of emergencies.

Maximise IoT resources Real-time diagnostics

Get detailed information on vehicle status for predictive maintenance and safety. You’ll also get maintenance alerts for vehicle condition, low battery, overheating and more.

Maximise IoT resources Easy location tracking

Track and monitor your vehicle from a single platform, where you can view your trip history and use a built-in Find My Car feature.

Maximise IoT resources Data connectivity

The device turns your car into a WiFi hotspot, with 3G and 4G capabilities. You can access a whole array of security surveillance and entertainment services.

Accelerate your driving experience towards the future

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