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Digital Security

Digital Security

Cyber security is one of the major issues of our time. From smartphones to government mandated ID numbers, there is a growing concern about privacy and security. Xpand offers digital security solutions to ensure that all your data, quite simply, remains yours.

Securing your data with strong digital security solutions

The digital marketplace is single-handedly responsible for creating unprecedented business opportunities. But it has also opened up businesses to the threat of cyber-attacks.

Our digital security services protect your government agency or private enterprise from attacks, thereby minimising the consequences of data theft, cybercrime and hacktivism.

Here are just a few reasons why

Setting world-class standards in digital security practices.

Ease Of Use Ease Of Use

Certified security experts apply our cloud-based global security service, designed to be highly scalable, fast, and efficient.

Total Protection Total Protection

Give your users ceaseless global protection with an integrated security framework that supports your networks, users, applications, and data.

Complete Visibility And Risk Control Complete Visibility And Risk Control

Assume full control and deal with risks in your business with a self-service portal designed for real-time reporting.

Increase It Security Increase It Security

Eliminate upfront Capex requirements with cloud-based delivery solutions.

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